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Time Flies when you’re having fun

clockThis time last year, if you would have asked me, how was 2013 for the Lock N’ Load Show? I would have responded with a “good” or a “great”. A few things we did in 2013 that stood out to me were; Making the transition from an internet sports show with 1 devoted listener for three straight weeks (thanks Mom), to more of a social trending show and incorporating listener interaction. The next thing that stood out to me, was putting together a counter-protest of the most hated church in America, Westboro Baptist Church. The plan was for like 20-30 people on our side to block out the spewage of hatred from the other side of the street, but what we did not expect was the 300+ people showing up with the creative signs and dancing away to the Harlem Shake and the over 5000 views on YouTube.

One thing is for sure, change is inevitable

changeSo what did 2014 bring us??? Well first of all, at the beginning of this year we went on a six month hiatus, as I Ieft the country for my full time job. We recovered nicely. We established a permanent studio, not like the other three before in an attic or my basement or even Nate’s kitchen…. We upgraded for some top of the line equipment to put out our best week in and week out. We featured our first local artist, before we decided to take that route, Kodac MrHawkeye on January 1st, 2014 (Episode #22- A Kodac Moment). When July came around we were back at it doing weekly shows that we moved to Saturday nights at an earlier time. Then in August, Brandon and I helped Jake from South Lemon to create L2 Productions. L2 Production is our little company that brings you the show each week and from there we created our first short film titled “Clinical” which was a great success.

Change, change, and more change (not the kind in your pocket)

This fall we switched from playing popular mainstream music, to bringing on local musicians in our area and promoting their stuff worldwide through our show. Big thanks to Kodac, Dustin Conaway, Left Astray, Chaplin, Premium Draft, Kelsey Marie, Scott Webb, Mike Woods, RetroTweed, Jakcob Mersch and Taylor Medina for all being on this year with us and entrusting there music to us so the world can hear what they all have to offer. Also huge thank you for coming in each week and rocking the show out with us. You can find their stuff up at ( ) We were also fortunate enough to inline ourselves with The Chesterfield here in Sioux City as the shows newest sponsor.

A Look into the future

futureSo NOW where do we go from here…. Well a great poet or someone said, “We started from the bottom and now were here.” The sky is the limit. We are coming into the New Year with a new look and layout for our weekly shows on the live stream. We are planning a hosting a few events later on this year. We are also re-launching a new website soon, to make it much more easier for you, the listeners to naviate our website. Of course we will be bringing on more local, and regional bands and sharing them with you all. We will continue our quest to take over the airwaves each week to give all of you listeners a great show and the best each week.

Thank you everyone!

I would like to especially thank all my co-hosts for a great year. To Brandon, who is the back bone of the show. For his expertise in running everything behind the scenes to put out a smooth and flawless broadcast. Emily, for being you and being unfiltered and giving the listeners who write in to our Love and Lust some no bull-shit honest and great advice. To Jordan, who puts up with the abuse, like an intern should, and for stepping up this year and growing and involving this year. To Nate for running everything that Brandon does when Brandon wasn’t able to do it. To Tim, who has lost his “intern” tag and who has done a great job filling in for me from time to time. To Jake, who has giving us all the inspiration to “Run Forrest Run”. Most importantly, to you the listeners for you dedication and love for the pain we cause each week. Thank you for showing up each week and tuning in with us. See you all next year!!! 2014 can kiss my ass, bring on 2015!!!!!

With Love,


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  1. I’m so excited for 2016! Big things in store for us!

  2. Be on the look out for the recap of 2015. There’s going to be a lot to cover for 2015 and many great things to announce for 2016! We should probably get around to writing that :)

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