The Impulsive


The Impulsive is an alternative metal band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, a city rich in music and diversity.

Thriving in the Midwest, The Impulsive is a five-piece band who first came together as friends who shared one passion: music. After experimenting with several different sounds and taking a natural liking to alternative metal, The Impulsive was eventually born. Today, The Impulsive continue to brand themselves as alternative metal, but some of their songs could also be taken for hard rock.

When making music, they’re inspired by real issues in the world and how we’re becoming increasingly desensitized to real problems.

“Pop culture is more and more portraying the idea that if you’re not perfect, you are nobody. Not being comfortable with asking for help is literally killing our generation. We can’t just let that happen.”

The Impulsive cite their main musical influences as Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Metallica, and Atreyu. However, the band remains unique from any other because of the different influences each member brings to the table. They don’t write music about sex, drugs or rock and roll. They focus on the universal struggles of depression, anxiety, death, war and the mainstream media.

“We put our whole heart into the music we make and the lyrics we write. We aren’t trying to be rockstars. We’re trying to reach broken lives.”

To date, The Impulsive has played shows throughout the Midwest and even landed a nomination for Best Hard Rock at the Omaha Entertainment Arts Awards. They just released their brand new EP, Battle Worn, and have been touring extensively throughout the Midwest since the summer of 2016.