Forever Endeavor


Omaha-based alternative rock band Forever Endeavor combines driving guitar, hard-hitting bass and drums with melodic piano and strings – collectively intertwining to bring Omaha a unique sound comparable to national acts such as RED, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, and Daughtry. Amidst the instrumentals, Forever Endeavor completes the lineup with powerful vocal range and positive lyrics, achieving their objective of writing music fans can relate to.

Forever Endeavor proudly recognizes their place in the thriving Omaha, Nebraska music community. Through combination of electronic sampling, driving guitar, hard-hitting drums, energetic bass, and vocals that capture the essence of today’s modern rock, Forever Endeavor brings forth a dominant sound to Omaha.

Forever Endeavor is currently a four-piece band consisting of Cody Du on vocals, Scott Ray on guitar, Tommy Kellogg on bass, and Ryan Crawford on drums.


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