Cast and Crew

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11800449_939548882735010_6531484649162295469_n - CopyDarin Foster is one of the Co-Creators and was the original host of the Lock N Load Show.  He is one of the point of contacts for the show and fill in producer and host.  Darin joined the show in 2013.

11836889_939548859401679_6909177932407770677_n - CopyBrandon Sorgdrager is our on-site producer and the other Co- Creator of the Lock N Load Show.  You can find him behind all the technical equipment in the studio, or at our events.  Brandon joined the show in July 2013.

10606504_10203591978218312_8965245737573637506_nTim Sweeney was the show’s very first intern, now he serves as our full-time host.  He joined the show in July 2013.

11828579_939548656068366_4154423539338756560_n - CopyTaylor Eberly is out newest cast member.  She serves as the weekly co-host of the show.  When she is not on air with us, she can be found at a local show, supporting local music at it’s finest.  Taylor joined the show in August 2015.


11796330_939548699401695_2076223835637732786_n - CopyJacy Jochims joined the crew in July 2015.  She is the other main contact for the Lock N Load show.  You will notice her right away, well because her hair is blue!  Jacy also serves as our Twitter lady, so make sure to follow her.

DSCN4573Trev Moore joined the crew in September of 2013 and served as the male role in our old “Love and Lust” segments.  After an extended leave he is back with the crew as a production and fill in co-host.



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